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Spa/Salon Tool of the Week: Pinterest

Pinterest is an online pin board where users share, or “pin,” photos of things they like, so their other friends can see them. You can organize your photos into different boards — things I want, organization, weight loss motivation, recipes to try, travel planning, childhood memories — and browse other people’s boards to get inspiration from them.

We’ve seen boards dedicated to fitness, home decorating, wedding planning, healthy eating, favorite desserts, skin care tips, you name it. Then, as the pinners are surfing the web, and they discover a photo of something they like, they pin it, add it to their appropriate board, and write a suitable description that explains what they liked about it.

There are a few cool things about Pinterest that make this more than just a bulletin board though. For one thing, whenever someone clicks your pinned photo, they’re taken to the original website where you found it, like, say, a book page at (Idea: Create a birthday wish list board and pin the photos of items you want.)

Another possibility is to use Pinterest to promote items you sell. Pin photos to your store’s “Items We Carry” board, and put up the photos of new products. If you have an affiliate sales account (i.e. you sell someone’s product from someone else’s site, and get a commission), you can even post photos from those sites, and then sell those products.

Of course, you don’t want to post only sales photos. People come to social media to escape advertising, not be bombarded with it. Use your sales items sparingly, mixed in with your fun and interesting “pins.”


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