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3 Tools From Bing That Help You Attract Their Search Visitors


Bing certainly isn’t the world’s most utilized  search engine – that honor currently goes to Google with over 65% of the market share for search, a number that recently slipped a bit.

However, Bing’s search engine still accounts for about 17% of search traffic, and has been rising slightly in recent months. Bing also powers organic search in Yahoo, whose family of sites captures about 12% of the search market, though there is speculation that Yahoo may want to change its association.

Bing’s ad network is also believed by some to be more effective than Google’s. Whether or not this turns out to be true for more companies who advertise with them, it at least shows that there are customers using the Bing search engine.

Even without Yahoo, Bing can drive traffic to your site. Although the criteria for ranking in Bing is not identical to Google’s, if your website is already gaining some traction in Google, It may be able to draw traffic from Bing as well without many changes.

But first, Bing has to know your site exists. Here are three tools you need to prepare your site to get traffic and leads from Bing organic search.

Submitting Your Site To Bing

The first tool is the most straightforward, Bing’s single URL submit form. There are two typical ways to get your site into a major search engine – be discovered, or submit directly. Being discovered during the crawl search engine web robots do has its advantages, but may not be predictable or timely.

To have a bit more control over your site submission, you may want to create a sitemap or one of the other suggested files listing basic information about your site’s links, then submit it using Bing’s Sitemaps widget, or via your site’s Robots.txt file. There’s also a way you can ping Bing when you update your site.

If you prefer to submit through the Sitemap widget, you’ll need to sign up for our third featured tool, Bing’s free Webmaster Tools section. There’s an overview you can read through, as well as third-party guides you can use to help you get acclimated with the resources there.

Submission is Just Step One

It’s important to note that while these tools will help you submit your site to the database of sites from which search queries are fulfilled, they don’t guarantee that your site will gain significant traffic or search rankings just from submission alone.

Submitting your site is just the first step – Bing  has some suggestions about how to get better rankings.


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