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Hot Mommas Project Winner Ann Bevans Talks Business & Darth Vader
Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Jill Foster
Hot Mommas Project Winner Ann Bevans Talks Business & Darth Vader
16 May 2011

DISCLAIMER to readers: Darth Vader was not harmed in this recording. She just gave a great speech on the benefits and stress from having so many available choices. She has resolve, success, and a great depth of reflection. Read more…

Cheers To WGB’s Own Hot Mommas
Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Events
Cheers To WGB's Own Hot Mommas
15 April 2011

So, this is pretty cool. Actually, it’s SO cool, it’s hot. Or “hawt,” as former WGB editor and my good friend, Jill Foster, would say. Read more…

Why Giving Back Is Good For Business
Ann Bevans, Community Building, Women In Business
Why Giving Back Is Good For Business
29 June 2010

I’m not a soup kitchen kind of girl. When people say, “I’m going to volunteer!” isn’t that the first thing you think of?  It is for me. And while I’m deeply moved by the enormous difficulties homeless people face, I just don’t see myself in latex gloves and a shower cap dishing out shepherd’s pie. Read more…

In Business? Be Brave!
Ann Bevans, Empowerment, Women In Business
In Business? Be Brave!
27 May 2010

There used to be a churrascaria near my house. A churrascaria is a traditional Brazilian barbeque where diners are treated to a wide selection of meats, roasted on spits and carved at the table.   On a busy night, there might be a dozen waiters, each carrying three skewers of beef, chicken, pork or lamb, scurrying from table to table. Read more…

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