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7 Questions to Ask Before You Create That iPhone or iPad App
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7 Questions to Ask Before You Create That iPhone or iPad App
17 September 2013

It’s clear Apple has an audience worth accessing. According to Apple, this past summer, the App store surpassed 50 billion downloads. Two billion apps are downloaded each month from Apple’s App store, at the rate of 800 per second. Read more…

The iPhone 5 Is Released!
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The iPhone 5 Is Released!
14 September 2012

The iPhone 5 has finally been released, almost a year after Steve Jobs’ untimely passing.  The fervor is enormous . . Read more…

Serving Your Customers: Lessons You Can Learn From The Genius Bar
31 August 2012

Everyone knows that a huge aspect of Apple’s success is their remarkable store strategy, complete with the ‘Genius Bar’.   These stores have, from the very beginning, exemplified a new standard for an in-store customer experience.    I remember going into the Apple store for the first time and buying a first generation iPhone. Read more…

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