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Most Small Businesses Aren’t Prepared for Disaster. Is Yours?
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Most Small Businesses Aren’t Prepared for Disaster. Is Yours?
11 July 2013

Natural disasters are the number-one safety issue that employees worry about, but the majority (60 percent) of businesses haven’t revised their safety plans in the wake of recent disasters like Hurricane Sandy, a survey by Staples reports. It’s hurricane season, so if you don’t have a safety plan in place, now is the time to develop one. Although three out of four employees feel their employers take safety seriously, that didn’t jibe with the fact that only half say their employers have communicated a safety plan to them. Read more…

Could Ignorance About Health Insurance Cost You Your Business?
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Are you putting your own health—and your business’s health—at risk? A recent study by Cigna, My Business, My Health, found that one-fourth of America’s 42 million self-employed small business owners don’t have health insurance. The primary reason (cited by 82 percent of those uninsured entrepreneurs) is that it’s too expensive. Small business owners without insurance admit that they’re prioritizing their business over their personal welfare and health (60 percent of uninsured respondents). Read more…

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