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5 Launch Lessons on Business Partners, Time, and Teams
Balancing Act, Jen Consalvo, Launching Product
5 Launch Lessons on Business Partners, Time, and Teams
4 December 2009

Recently my partner was out of town and mostly out of pocket due to a personal matter. At the same time, my body decided to go on strike. With illness keeping me isolated in the nest (my name for my live/work space) I spent a lot of time motivating myself to keep things moving forward (Image Solitude by Aleera, Creative Commons). Read more…

“Don’t overbuy, in anything”: Lessons from Scribendi Founder Chandra Clarke
Interviews,Women In Business
9 October 2009

Women Grow Business interviewed Scribendi founder Chandra Clarke via email, and now brings the discussion to you! Thanks Chandra for sharing your insight. If you are a woman running your own business, learn how you can be featured here at Women Grow Business (think fun, resourceful, and simple!). I started my career in the newspaper business, first with my high school paper and then part-time at my hometown newspaper. Read more…

Cloaking the Truth: What I Wish I’d Known When My Business Launched
Entrepreneurship, Francie Dalton, Human resources for Small Business
Cloaking the Truth: What I Wish I'd Known When My Business Launched
30 September 2009

Looking back at when I started my company, I wouldn’t have wanted to know how, or even whether, success was in my future. The launch period, with all its trials and tribulations, is an almost sacred period of time during which your heart and intellect are (or should be!) one with the business plan. It’s a time when you’re sorely tested, yet welcoming of the test; a time when you’re poised in mid air over the Grand Canyon (but it doesn’t feel like a mere metaphor – believe me!) yet focused with laser-like intensity on making it to solid ground. Read more…

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