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Summary of #Wgbiz Chat with Jennifer Stauss Windrum (@jenniferwindrum)
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Summary of #Wgbiz Chat with Jennifer Stauss Windrum (@jenniferwindrum)
10 April 2012

As usual, our Women Grow Business Chat was packed with a community of wonderful people, from those who helped promote it and watched from the sidelines, to those who actively participated. And we were happy to welcome a wonderful guest expert, Jennifer Stauss Windrum  (@jenniferwindrum), who talked about her journey from lung cancer patient activist to social entrepreneur, educated us about the reality of lung cancer, introduced us to NoMo and invited us to become a part of the Sock Monkeys Against Cancer (SMAC) campagn. At the end of our chat, regular Women Grow Business community member and  supporter Diane Court (@dc2fla) won our contest by being the first to tweet out the link to the WTF Lung Cancer Facebook community. Read more…

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