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“Socialize Your Small Business” Will Transform How You View Social Media
Events, Tinu Abayomi-Paul, Women In Business
18 May 2011

I’m going to tell you why you should invest this Thursday morning (yup, tomorrow), in your content. Take a moment and think about how much work you put into social media. From your blog, to interacting with people on Facebook, and Twitter, to when you spend hours creating or perfecting a YouTube video – that maybe only 20 people will ever watch. Read more…

How to Create a Failed SEO Campaign
Deborah Ager, Marketing and PR, SEO
How to Create a Failed SEO Campaign
17 May 2011

One of the challenges organizations have when creating or redesigning a website is content selection. Over the past five-to-ten years, “content strategy” and “content marketing” have evolved as a way to handle the growing content needs of companies and organizations. Large organizations tend to develop into silos with someone working on search engine optimization (SEO) in one end of the building and someone else working in social media or paid search in the other end of the building. Read more…

Traffic Generation: It’s Not All About SEO
Deborah Ager, SEO, social media
Traffic Generation: It's Not All About SEO
2 August 2010

These days, optimizing a website for search engines involves adjusting your website’s content to get the most out of your links from social media, offline marketing efforts, public relations, or other promotional techniques. I encouraged them to think about people over robots. and to buy the products. Read more…

Chief Troublemaker Joanna Pineda: Creating a Content Strategy for Your Web Site, Blog, and Social Networks
Joanna Pineda, social media, Women In Business
Chief Troublemaker Joanna Pineda: Creating a Content Strategy for Your Web Site, Blog, and Social Networks
23 April 2009

Founder/CEO and self-proclaimed Chief Troublemaker of Matrix Group International Joanna Pineda is a Women Grow Business enthusiast. She is known for her visionary big-picture thinking and drive for excellence. Combining her broad liberal arts background and passion for technology, she started Matrix Group in 1999, today a leading interactive agency. Read more…

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