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Although entrepreneurs are working longer hours and taking less vacation, they still believe they are living the American Dream, according to the Sage Reinvention of Small Business survey. The survey found that more than one-third of small business owners (37 percent) are working an additional 11 or more hours per week compared to the past three years, and 43 percent say they are taking significantly or somewhat less downtime. Even with all the hard work, 76 percent have never contemplated giving up their businesses during the past five years. Read more… Small Business Tip of the Day: Keep It All In the Family
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Family business owners, their family members and shareholders came together at the Family Business Magazine’s Transitions East Conference earlier this year to discuss their experiences with multigenerational family businesses. This year’s theme focused on preparing the generations for success, and panelists shared several approaches for maintaining the family connection such as giving all family members an equal vote, creating a family council and bringing in external expertise to run the family office. They also suggested that no matter what tactics a family business uses, the role of the founding generation is critical in establishing a strong vision and framework for success. Read more…

Can Unplugging Make You More Productive?
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Can Unplugging Make You More Productive?
8 July 2013

When we think about “productivity” these days, we first think of all the devices we use that keep us connected to the office 24/7 so we can get things done faster wherever we are. And, of course, there are all the apps for those devices that help us be even more organized, productive and effective. While constant connectivity enhances our productivity in some ways, it hurts it in others. Read more… Small Business Tip of the Day: iBet You’re Reading This on an iPhone
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Are your customers reading your email marketing, social media posts or website on an iPhone or Android? According to a usage study from Experian, most likely it’s an iPhone. The study showed Android users spend 49 minutes a day on their phones, while the average iPhone owner spends an hour and 15 minutes on their smartphone. And what are they using their phones for? For Android users the answer is making phone calls, while iPhone users are texting, emailing, taking pictures and social networking. Read more… Small Business Tip of the Day: Get the Skinny on Skinny
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If you sell food or beverages, you’ll want to know the latest hip marketing term in your industry: “skinny,” according to Advertising Age. According to a consumer-research psychologist, “[Skinny] personifies food and makes it more endearing. ” So why not just use the word “diet” instead to convey the same idea? “Diet” has negative connotations of sacrifice, while “skinny” is more lighthearted. Read more…

What Are Consumers Spending on This Summer—and How Can You Get Your Share?
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What Are Consumers Spending on This Summer—and How Can You Get Your Share?
13 June 2013

What will consumers be spending money this summer? Travel tickets and hotel rooms, according to a new study from Burst Media that found more than half (53. 7 percent) of U.S. adults plan to take a vacation this summer. Planning ahead, more than half (51.1 percent) of those who say they’ll vacation have already started making arrangements such as buying tickets and booking hotels. Read more…

Is a Talent Shortage Hurting Your Customer Service?
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Is a Talent Shortage Hurting Your Customer Service?
12 June 2013

It’s hard to believe, but despite the lingering effects of the recession and still-high unemployment rates, U.S. employers are having trouble finding qualified staff to fill the positions they need. ManpowerGroup’s eighth annual Talent Shortage Survey found that 39 percent of U.S. employers are having difficulty finding staff with the right skills. While that’s down from 49 percent who reported this problem in 2012, it’s still a significant percentage. Read more…

The 4 Factors in Great Customer Service
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The 4 Factors in Great Customer Service
10 June 2013

How good is your small business’s customer service? Don’t answer right away—take some time to think about it. What you think is stellar service may not be living up to your customers’ expectations. Or what started out as great service when your business began may have fallen off a bit as you’ve grown (and gotten busier). Read more…

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