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Why the New Google Shopping Is Good for eCommerce Merchants
eCommerce,internet marketing
18 June 2012

Google’s recent announcement about their plans to convert Google Shopping from a free comparison shopping engine (CSE) to a paid service has created concern and confusion among many eCommerce merchants. While the initial reactions have been mixed, there’s definitely an opportunity for small businesses to use Google’s Product Listing Ads to increase their online sales. In a recent article on the Solid Cactus blog—one of the Web. Read more…

The Importance of Google+ in Your Business
internet marketing,Search Engine Optimization
The Importance of Google+ in Your Business
14 June 2012

If you’re a social media user, even a casual one, you have no doubt heard of Google+ (pronounced Google Plus). If you haven’t, it’s basically a social network that was supposed to compete with Facebook. It hasn’t, because nothing in the foreseeable future is going to replace Facebook, but Google+ is giving it the old college try. Read more…

Preparing Your Business for the Google Shopping Changes
eCommerce,internet marketing
11 June 2012

Google’s in the midst of eliminating the free product listing model in their Shopping section, and they’re replacing it with a new cost-per-click model. In a recent article on the Solid Cactus blog—one of the Web. com brands—Jason Longo talks about the marketing opportunities that the new Shopping model offers SMBs, and he shares tips on developing a profitable product listing strategy. Read more…

6 Tips to Successfully Use Google+
social media, Tinu Abayomi-Paul, Women In Business
6 Tips to Successfully Use Google+
21 July 2011

 Yesterday I asked whether Google+ would be the next shiny new failure. Today I posit a collection of ideas on how we could create a better experience for ourselves at Google+ and get great results right from the beginning. 1. Read more…

Is SEO Dead? The Jury’s Still Out
Deborah Ager, SEO, Women In Business
Is SEO Dead? The Jury's Still Out
2 February 2010

Being a search marketer, I recently turned to Google to find out if others had written on the topic of SEO being dead and was amused to see I’d been scooped by Danny Sullivan. “I submit that search engines are dying. In fact, I would say they are dead already and just don’t know it yet – gone the way of the reciprocal link exchange and the “you have a cool page” award as an effective promotional tool. Read more…

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