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Spurred by tech startups and tight recession-era budgets came a trend of open offices: large, open rooms where everyone shares the space. Open-plan offices are supposed to spur creativity and innovation, but are the employees in these offices really happy about the setup? A recent Quartz. com guide found evidence to the contrary. Read more…

Shark Tales That Will Make You Swim
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Shark Tales That Will Make You Swim
11 May 2011

Her inspiring story of how she beat poverty, dyslexia, made D’s in high school, didn’t finish college, and survived a no-good boyfriend to start The Corcoran Group, which she sold nearly 28 years later for $66 million, is a remarkable story that could encourage anyone. I believe that no one becomes who they are by accident, and this book confirms my theory. Barbara is truly a product of her Catholic working class New Jersey family. Read more…

Victoria Livschitz: A Woman Who Has Cracked the Glass Ceiling
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Victoria Livschitz: A Woman Who Has Cracked the Glass Ceiling
5 April 2011

The timing of my interview with Victoria Livschitz couldn’t have been more perfect. Just a few days before our scheduled interview, a national study revealed that women still make 80% less than men in the workplace. One of the factors discussed as part of this assessment was that women do not to go into high income fields like science and technology. Read more…

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