Follow Us: Small Business Tip of the Day: Prepare for Obamacare
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With the recent delay in the employer mandate for health care reform on the minds of small business owners, another study shows that the majority of business owners still aren’t sure how to prepare for the new regulations. In its SB Authority Market Sentiment Survey, Newtek Business Services The Small Business Authority® found that 52 percent of business owners do not know how to prepare for the upcoming healthcare reform changes. Of the rest, 24 percent plan to reduce benefits to employees, 13 percent plan to rebid their policy, and 11 percent plan to reduce business expenses overall. Read more… Small Business Tip of the Day: No Free Ride for Spouses
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If you’re trying to save money on health insurance for your employees the easiest solution might be right under your nose. Usually, insurance companies charge more for a spouse’s coverage than they do for an employee’s children. This is due to age, and the cost of covering a spouse can be as much as or more than the cost of covering the actual employee. Read more…

The First Step to Finding the Perfect Employee
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The First Step to Finding the Perfect Employee
8 May 2013

Do you hate hiring because you have to weed through tons of irrelevant resumes to find even one person to interview? Maybe the problem is that you’re not being clear in what kind of person you need to do the job. A vague, too-general want ad can lead to a flood of applications from unqualified candidates. That’s why step one to finding the perfect hire is writing the perfect job description. Read more…

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