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Surf’s Up
Marketing and PR, Michelle Tennant, Resources
Surf’s Up
21 September 2010

Surfing the daily wave of breaking news is the key to scoring media placements to help promote you and your business. When news happens, the media scramble to find ways to relate it to the lives of their audience, including reaction from everyday people, and analysis and commentary from experts. This is one place where you can come into the picture as a source to get some great publicity for you and your business. Read more…

Why Not Me?
Networking, Patricia Frame, Women In Business
Why Not Me?
5 July 2010

My friend needed the exact service I offer, but went with someone else…. Been in this group for years but not finding it useful a referral source … I help a lot of people but don’t get much help… Read more…

5 Ways To Reinvent Your Marketing Strategy In 2010
eCommerce, Guest Posts, Marketing and PR
5 Ways To Reinvent Your Marketing Strategy In 2010
9 February 2010

Today’s guest post comes to us from “across the pond,” and shows us that no matter where we’re located, women in business encounter the same challenges and can use – or adapt – many of the same resources. Having been a marketing director for years and now co-founder of a company, I know first-hand that sometimes we need a break from the day-to-day business-running to truly appreciate what we’ve accomplished; and, more importantly, what’s next. After spending time with your loved ones this past holiday season and beginning the new year afresh, you’re probably looking back at your marketing efforts throughout the year and considering your options for 2010.1. Read more…

My Clients and Their Brands: a Marketer’s Catch 22
Marketing and PR, Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, social media
My Clients and Their Brands: a Marketer's Catch 22
2 June 2009

As a marketing, PR and communications consultant, my days are full of the act of promotion for my clients. From the moment my eyelids flutter open in the morning until I drag myself back to bed late at night, I spend many hours promoting client products, services, outreach efforts, programs, events and the like. Everything I write, everything I design, every hyperlink I click and every stroke of my keyboard is dedicated to promoting my clients, period. Read more…

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