Follow Us: Small Business Tip of the Day: It’s Nice to Share
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According to Nielsen statistics, Facebook users share 2. 5 billion pieces of content per day and Twitter users send 400 million tweets per day. That’s a whole lot of sharing going on and a huge reason why you should be providing content on your website and then linking to your social media sites. Read more…

The Greener Your Business, the Greener Your Sales, Survey Says
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Three out of four small businesses say that demand for and sales of green products and services actually increased over the recent economic downturn, reports a new survey by Green America (GA), EcoVentures International (EVI) and the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO). Among companies that reported sales increases during the recession, the more green the company was, the more likely it was to have increased sales. The market for green products and services has grown dramatically in the past decade, the report says; for example, the market for green construction has increased by 1,700 percent, at the same time the demand for conventional construction has shrunk by 17 percent. Read more…

Who’s Using Smartphones and What Does It Mean to Your Business?
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Who’s Using Smartphones and What Does It Mean to Your Business?
18 June 2013

Smartphone adoption has finally reached critical mass: More than half of American adults now own smartphones, a Pew Internet & American Life study reports. Specifically, 61 percent of cell phone owners own a smartphone. Since 91 percent of the adult population has a cell phone, that means 56 percent of all American adults have smartphones. Read more… Small Business Tip of the Day: It’s Breakfast Hour Somewhere
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Sometimes the simplest idea can make the difference between profits and stagnation. Breakfast items have been a hot addition to restaurant menus for the past few years, and now the latest twist is McDonald’s adding their most popular breakfast items to their “Late Night” menu, available from midnight to 4 a.m. Still trying to regain lower-income customers who left during the recession and haven’t returned to the Golden Arches yet, McDonald’s thinks this small change could lure some back in the “midnight hours. Read more… Small Business Tip of the Day: Get the Skinny on Skinny
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If you sell food or beverages, you’ll want to know the latest hip marketing term in your industry: “skinny,” according to Advertising Age. According to a consumer-research psychologist, “[Skinny] personifies food and makes it more endearing. ” So why not just use the word “diet” instead to convey the same idea? “Diet” has negative connotations of sacrifice, while “skinny” is more lighthearted. Read more…

What Are Consumers Spending on This Summer—and How Can You Get Your Share?
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What Are Consumers Spending on This Summer—and How Can You Get Your Share?
13 June 2013

What will consumers be spending money this summer? Travel tickets and hotel rooms, according to a new study from Burst Media that found more than half (53. 7 percent) of U.S. adults plan to take a vacation this summer. Planning ahead, more than half (51.1 percent) of those who say they’ll vacation have already started making arrangements such as buying tickets and booking hotels. Read more… Small Business Tip of the Day: Social Media Goes B2B
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It’s well-documented that consumers use social media to help make buying decisions, and according to a recent Forrester report the same is true for B2B buyers. Eighty-five percent of business decision-makers said at least one social media channel is either important or very important when making technology purchase decisions. The number-one place top executives check are support forums or discussion forums (63 percent), followed by virtual events or virtual trade shows (47 percent); online videos (46 percent); LinkedIn (40 percent); blogs (36 percent); professional social networking sites, not including LinkedIn or Twitter (35 percent); Twitter (19 percent); and Facebook (19 percent). Read more…

Good News for Retailers: Millennials Love to Shop
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Good News for Retailers: Millennials Love to Shop
5 June 2013

Millennials may be tech-savvy, but a new study by the Urban Land Institute reported in MediaPost reveals that they also love shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, whether your retail business sells online, offline or both, the good news for retailers is that Millennials enjoy shopping in all its permutations. The poll of about 1,200 people aged 18 to 35 found that more than one-third (37 percent) “love” shopping while nearly half (48 percent) “enjoy” it. Read more…

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