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Make Yourself and Your Team More Productive With Tablets
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Make Yourself and Your Team More Productive With Tablets
5 July 2013

Have you added tablets to your business’s arsenal of productivity tools yet? What are you waiting for? A whopping 84 percent of employees who use tablets on the job report it makes them more productive, according to the CDW Tablets@Work poll. Before you commit to a tablet, however, it’s important to think about how you would use it. If so, a tablet might be for you. Read more… Small Business Tip of the Day: Are You in Trouble With Google?
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They don’t call, they don’t write…have you done something to offend the biggest search engine company in the world? If you’re still trying to get Google to move you up in its search rankings to no avail maybe your website isn’t up to their standards. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly or if you have long load times, blank screens and customer complaints, Google will demote you, but you can fix it. Two areas to fix are faulty redirects and mobile-only errors, which are usually blank screens. Read more…

Are You Giving Online Shoppers the Customer Service Essentials They Expect?
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Are You Giving Online Shoppers the Customer Service Essentials They Expect?
24 June 2013

What are customers’ expectations for customer service when shopping online? ComScore’s new report, UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper™: A Customer Experience Study, looked at consumers’ demands for multi-channel retailing and ecommerce to determine what they want from your business. Customers want to shop how, when and where they want, which means your online and offline experience must be seamless. When it comes to ecommerce, they want more choices—for example, 44 percent say they are more likely to shop with a retailer if they can buy online, then pick the item up in-store. Read more… Small Business Tip of the Day: Forget Your Troubles, Come on, Get Appy
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If your business develops apps or you’re contemplating adding an app to your business, you’ll want to target tablet owners in your marketing strategy. According to a report from Analysys Mason, tablet owners spend three times as much on apps when compared to consumers who only have a smartphone. Smartphone owners who also had a tablet spent $6.50 a month on apps, and even more when the respondents owned iPads or iPhones. Read more… Small Business Tip of the Day: Mobile Sales Technology Grows
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If you haven’t introduced mobile POS technology into your business yet, you should know almost three in 10  North American retailers are planning to adopt the technology by year-end, according to a new study from IHL Group. The study, called “Mobile POS: Hype to Reality,” also showed that 45 percent of all tablet POS shipments go to specialty retailers. While mobile POS solutions are projected to replace 12 percent of traditional retail POS shipments by 2016, more than 85 percent of larger retailers predict that in the next three years, mobile POS systems will be used to complement, rather than replace, traditional POS systems. Read more…

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