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Three sins every PR hack commits and how to fix them
Business, Lani Rosales, Public Relations
Three sins every PR hack commits and how to fix them
29 November 2011

My theory: Every single person in public relations has been handed down a mandate that they must connect with business writers, as well as companies, through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the mandate, but superiors must have gotten together at a conference and decided gee, this Twitter is pretty neat, that will make it so easy for our PR reps to connect with others, a thought that has led to an emphasis on a higher quantity of connections. It’s no wonder that the  focus on quantity over quality  has led to the perception of a sloppy PR industry full of individuals that do little more than spam the world blindly. Read more…

Women and PR: It’s In The Genes (and Jeans)
Communication Skills, Marketing and PR, Michelle Tennant
Women and PR: It's In The Genes (and Jeans)
24 May 2011

Women have the natural ability to be good at public relations; it’s in our genetic make-up. Experts have discovered that there are actual differences in the growth structure of men and women’s brains causing us to react differently to events and stimuli. It has been joked about for years and proven by scientists. Read more…

“So What?” How to Make Your News Exciting
Kellye Crane, Marketing and PR, Women In Business
“So What?” How to Make Your News Exciting
21 April 2010

There is a dreaded situation that every public relations professional has experienced. Or, perhaps a business owner phones up and breathlessly notes, “I have a great story to tell – I built myself up from nothing, and I’m now highly successful. Let’s do a press release about it. Read more…

BFFs? How PR And Social Media Go Hand-in-Hand
Kellye Crane, Marketing and PR, social media
BFFs? How PR And Social Media Go Hand-in-Hand
30 March 2010

Absolutely. As defined by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), “it is a communications discipline that engages and informs key audiences, builds important relationships and brings vital information back into an organization for analysis and action. In fact, PR involves much more than getting press coverage, and because social media is tailor-made for communicating and engaging with your public, it’s increasingly part of the PR toolbox. Read more…

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