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Even if your online business is thriving, it may not be time to close the doors on your brick and mortar operation just yet. According to the McKinsey & Co. ’s customer insights report, “How is the American Online Consumer Evolving,” although survey respondents bought 80 percent of music and 44 percent of electronics online, the numbers were much lower for other items. Read more…

The 4 Factors in Great Customer Service
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The 4 Factors in Great Customer Service
10 June 2013

How good is your small business’s customer service? Don’t answer right away—take some time to think about it. What you think is stellar service may not be living up to your customers’ expectations. Or what started out as great service when your business began may have fallen off a bit as you’ve grown (and gotten busier). Read more… Small Business Tip of the Day: Mobile Sales Technology Grows
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If you haven’t introduced mobile POS technology into your business yet, you should know almost three in 10  North American retailers are planning to adopt the technology by year-end, according to a new study from IHL Group. The study, called “Mobile POS: Hype to Reality,” also showed that 45 percent of all tablet POS shipments go to specialty retailers. While mobile POS solutions are projected to replace 12 percent of traditional retail POS shipments by 2016, more than 85 percent of larger retailers predict that in the next three years, mobile POS systems will be used to complement, rather than replace, traditional POS systems. Read more…

Good News for Retailers: Millennials Love to Shop
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Good News for Retailers: Millennials Love to Shop
5 June 2013

Millennials may be tech-savvy, but a new study by the Urban Land Institute reported in MediaPost reveals that they also love shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, whether your retail business sells online, offline or both, the good news for retailers is that Millennials enjoy shopping in all its permutations. The poll of about 1,200 people aged 18 to 35 found that more than one-third (37 percent) “love” shopping while nearly half (48 percent) “enjoy” it. Read more…

Friday Small Business Roundup: How to Boost Web Traffic and More
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19 April 2013

It’s tax season. What Are the Best (And Worst) States for Business Taxes? Read Karen Axelton’s post to find out. Do you get nervous making presentations? Learn how to ace your next one–read Monika Jansen’s 6 Must-Have Elements for a Winning Presentation. Read more…

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