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The 4 Factors in Great Customer Service
Business, Customer Service, eCommerce
The 4 Factors in Great Customer Service
10 June 2013

How good is your small business’s customer service? Don’t answer right away—take some time to think about it. What you think is stellar service may not be living up to your customers’ expectations. Or what started out as great service when your business began may have fallen off a bit as you’ve grown (and gotten busier). Read more…

The Importance of Twitter in Your Business
internet marketing
The Importance of Twitter in Your Business
5 June 2012

You may be wondering what has everyone’s hearts aflutter about Twitter, but it’s one of the fastest growing social networks available. Twitter lets you do a few very important things in reaching potential customers. For one thing, Twitter is rapid communication, which means you can answer questions that people have. Read more…

Everyone’s a Marketer
Marketing and PR, Robin Ferrier, Women In Business
Everyone's a Marketer
25 March 2011

I’m the chair of the PR Committee for the Gaithersburg Book Festival in Gaithersburg, Maryland, on May 21. At first, it was just a funny mantra that I would repeat whenever we were in an appropriate setting, but the truth is, Jud’s underlying sentiment is serious. At any company or organization, every employee should be – needs to be – a marketer. Read more…

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