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Study Shows Spending on Business Travel Pays Off
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Study Shows Spending on Business Travel Pays Off
4 June 2013

Does business travel pay off? For a small business watching every dollar, you might expect the answer to be “No. ” But a recent research report, The Role of Business Travel in the U.S. Economic Recovery, found that business travel helps drive business sales and growth even in tough economic times. Specifically, the study found, every $1 invested in business travel led to an additional $9.50 in revenue and $2.50 in revenue and $2.90 in profit on average. Read more… Small Business Tip of the Day: Get Ready to Do Business With the Government
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9 May 2013

Did you know that in 2012, the federal government acquired over $90 billion of goods and services from small businesses? How you can get your share of the pie is probably your next question. Before you begin the lengthy process of bidding for government projects, you’ll want to get all the information you can. Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs), located all over the country, offer many services at little or no cost to help you determine whether you’re eligible (or ready) to do business with Uncle Sam. Read more…

Friday Small Business Roundup: Attracting Shoppers and More
Mobile/Applications,Web Design
Friday Small Business Roundup: Attracting Shoppers and More
8 February 2013

Check out this week’s Friday Small Business Roundup for tips and ideas to help grow your business. Have you heard about haul videos? If you sell clothing, cosmetics or accessories, you need to know about this trend. Read Rieva Lesonsky’s Why Haul Videos Are Hot—and How They Can Help Your Business to get the skinny. Read more…

Friday Small Business Roundup: How to Spark Sales and More
eCommerce, hosting, internet marketing
1 February 2013

Do you think sales is a mind game? You’re right. Read Monika Jansen’s series, How to Use Psychology to Boost Sales, Part 1 and How to Use Psychology to Boost Sales, Part 2, and learn how to win at the sales game. Expanding your sales internationally is a great way to grow your business. Read more…

Friday Small Business Roundup: What’s in Store for 2013?
current events, eCommerce, internet marketing
25 January 2013

What Marketing Strategies Are You Spending on in 2013? Read Maria Valdez Haubrich’s post to see what other small businesses are doing. Content marketing is hot. Make yours work better by reading Monika Jansen’s post 5 Types of Marketing Content That Will Fuel Your Sales. Read more…

Friday Small Business Roundup: 2013 Trends and More
eCommerce, internet marketing, news
18 January 2013

Are You Leaving Money in Customers’ Online Shopping Carts? Read Rieva Lesonsky’s post to find out. If you own a restaurant, don’t miss Karen Axelton’s post on 10 Menu Trends to Watch in 2013. Then get even more wide-ranging trends insights with Karen Axelton’s post on 100 Trends to Watch for 2013. Read more…

Friday Small Business Roundup: A More Profitable 2013 and More
eCommerce, internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization
4 January 2013

Wondering what 2013 holds? How about 2060? Read Rieva Lesonsky’s post What Will America Look Like in 2060? to find out. How Will Small Businesses Use Technology in 2013? Maria Valdez Haubrich’s post has some predictions. Want to make the most of both retail and ecommerce sales? Read Rieva Lesonsky’s post, Cross-Channel Marketing: How the Nation’s Top Retailers Do It, to get ideas. Read more…

Friday Small Business Roundup: Be a Better Blogger and More
internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Small Business Development
28 December 2012

Struggling to keep your blog exciting? Check out Monika Jansen’s post and learn 7 Top Blogging Tips From the Pros. Then get inspired to write better blog posts with Monika’s post 5 Content Ideas That Never Grow Old – and 5 That Grow Old Fast. Looking for a hot new market to target? Rieva Lesonsky says it’s time to Meet the Mansumer. Read more…

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