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Is a Lack of Capital Holding Your Business Back?
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Is a Lack of Capital Holding Your Business Back?
8 September 2013

Small business owners are feeling positive about the future and are getting ready to grow their companies, a new report says. According to the latest  Main Street Pulse Report by OnDeck, a company that reports on the financial health of small and midsized businesses, nearly three-fourths (73 percent) of small business owners think that the economy is getting better. Acting on that confidence, one in five have added staff in the past six months, while two in five plan to do so over the next six months. Read more… Small Business Tip of the Day: Buddy, Can You Spare a Few Thousand?
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Every small business goes through a period where it can use a short-term loan for equipment, a new client or cyclical working capital needs. The SBA’s CAPLines loan program can provide financing for any dollar amount that does not exceed SBA’s limit. Some of the programs available are the Seasonal Line, for seasonal sales fluctuations; Contract Line, for labor and material costs for specific contracts; and Builders Line, for contractors to finance direct labor and material costs (the building project serves as the collateral). Read more… Small Business Tip of the Day: Know Your Financing Alternatives
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The good news is small business loan approvals at big banks are up. Banks have made great strides to make the loan application process easier and are definitely spreading the word they’re loosening their purse strings. In the meantime, however, financing alternatives such as credit unions and small banks had already stepped in to fill the gap big banks left while the economy was in turmoil.Unfortunately, credit unions have a lending cap of 12.25 percent of their assets, which means many have already hit their limits on loans to small businesses. Read more…

The Friday Roundup
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15 June 2012

Check out this week’s Friday Roundup for tips and ideas to help grow your business. It’s not too late to make those last-minute Father’s Day sales. Father’s Day is Sunday–read Rieva Lesonsky’s post today to get smart ideas for what consumers want. Read more…

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