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Did “Go Granny” Go? She Sure Did
Events, Marketing and PR, Shonali Burke
15 February 2011

Apparently “Granny” helped NetSol (which hosts this blog community) bring home the bacon big time. “[The] Go Granny parody video featuring Cloris Leachman, which was launched to coincide with Super Bowl weekend, has won the public vote in the social media sphere. Online sentiment about the Go Granny video campaign has been a whopping 97.5 percent HIGH POSITIVE, attracting attention from social media big wigs like Guy Kawasaki, Scott Monty, Liz Strauss and Jason Falls. Read more…

Go Daddy’s Super Bowl Ad Inspires Twitter Rebuke; Network Solutions Responds
Go Daddy's Super Bowl Ad Inspires Twitter Rebuke; Network Solutions Responds
2 February 2009

Shashi Bellamkonda, Network Solutions official Social Media Swami, and I were up late online after the Super Bowl tonight (or last night by the time this post publishes). We discussed briefly reactions to Go Daddy’s ad which aired during the game — and related feedback to it on Twitter. Shashi had already drafted a post that includes potentially a great opportunity too. Read more…

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