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How to Hire a Veteran
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How to Hire a Veteran
11 November 2013

Considering that military veterans learn leadership, persistence and the ability to think under pressure, not to mention a wide range of skills that transfer to civilian jobs, wouldn’t you think employers would be snapping them up? Think again. According to a recent study, veterans of post-9/11 wars have a 10 percent unemployment rate, higher than the national average. The younger the veteran, the more likely he or she is to be unemployed. Read more…

5 Ways to Say Thank You to Veterans (Especially Women Veterans)
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5 Ways to Say Thank You to Veterans (Especially Women Veterans)
12 November 2012

It’s alarming how difficult it is to find unique ways to contribute to resources for women veterans online, even on Veteran’s Day (or technically, the day we observe the day when it falls on a weekend). (And yes, women veterans are a thing. That’s not to say these resources don’t exist, thankfully. Read more…

Veteran’s Day: Why Small Business Owners Should Care
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Veteran's Day:  Why Small Business Owners Should Care
11 November 2011

Veteran’s Day is barely a holiday in the US, except as a retail sales gimmick. Fewer than 2% of us have ever served in the military. And since we moved away from the draft to an all-volunteer service, those who do serve come from a smaller slice of the population. Read more…

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