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Video for You, Video for Your Business [Redux]
Communication Skills, Guest Posts, Marketing/Branding
Video for You, Video for Your Business [Redux]
18 August 2011

[With a few updates, we republish a relevant post we ran last year on using video both for yourself as well as your business. Videos don’t lie. And if you use it wisely, it can be an excellent way to showcase, and promote, your business... Read more…

Video for You, Video for Your Business
Entrepreneurship,Stacy Yamaoka
Video for You, Video for Your Business
26 October 2010

I attended a talk a few weeks back about Women’s Leadership and Influence in the business world. The talk was inspiring, but what hit me the most was reinforcement to the power of using video for your business. The speaker, Selena Rezvani, recommended using video to record oneself and then watch the video to clearly see how others see you. Read more…

“I Was Fired, and Then …” Small Biz Survival’s Becky McCray Gets Real with SmallBizCool!
Blogworld, Entrepreneurship, Jen Consalvo
20 October 2009

Becky, founder of Small Biz Survival and numerous businesses, presented at last weekend’s Blogworld Expo on how small business makes big impact. In between morning bagels and networking, Becky shared a memorable “and cool moment” with SmallBizCool and Women Grow Business. Join us! … Read more…

Get SmallBizCool! Girlfriendology’s Debba Haupert Knows Why Her Biz Rocks: Video Chat Straight from Blogworld
Community Building, Entrepreneurship, Events
16 October 2009

The orange flower on Debba’s lapel gives just a hint of her coolness as an entrepreneur. She’s hip, smart, and starts strong, resourceful forums for women communities (and their businesses too). She’s Debba Haupert, founder of Girlfriendology, an online community dedicated to supporting and engaging friendships by women. Read more…

Social Capital and Behind-the-Scenes of Women Grow Business (video chat)
Interviews, Podcasts, social media
25 September 2009

Thanks Francie Dalton for the fun talk. And ongoing appreciation goes to the Women Grow Business community – of bloggers and readers – for your fantastic insight (and verve!). Read more…

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