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The Partner Predicament: Deciding What’s Best for your Business
Capacity Building, Entrepreneurship, Guest Posts
The Partner Predicament: Deciding What's Best for your Business
7 April 2011

Starting your own business is an enormous undertaking, and one of the most critical, strategic decisions you will make is whether to take a partner. Horror stories abound about the partner from hell and about partnerships gone wrong, so it is important to make the right choice – one that can have a profoundly beneficial impact on your business. Statistically speaking, businesses started by partners do better than businesses started by individuals, but that doesn’t mean your situation warrants or will be benefitted by a partnership. Read more…

Networking – A Way of Life
Guest Posts, Networking, Women In Business
Networking - A Way of Life
23 March 2011

Today’s job climate makes networking even more important than ever; it is a necessity, not an option. Large companies are growing at a slower pace than in the past, and people who previously have targeted only large corporations are looking elsewhere, often to smaller companies. Workers are changing jobs more frequently, elevating the importance of a strong network. Read more…

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