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Video for You, Video for Your Business [Redux]
Communication Skills, Guest Posts, Marketing/Branding
Video for You, Video for Your Business [Redux]
18 August 2011

[With a few updates, we republish a relevant post we ran last year on using video both for yourself as well as your business. Videos don’t lie. And if you use it wisely, it can be an excellent way to showcase, and promote, your business... Read more…

Should I Support Women?
Empowerment, Patricia Frame, Women In Business
Should I Support Women?
17 August 2011

August 26th is Women’s Equality Day once again. Women’s rights in the U.S. have been a question again and again, from our role in the American Revolution to today. I suspect we may celebrate the day we got the right to vote because of our continuing lack of proportionate impact, rather than because we have power. Read more…

Event Alert: Free Webinar Tomorrow on Winning Government Contracts
Entrepreneurship, Events, Shonali Burke
16 August 2011

Small businesses received $98 billion in government contracting opportunities in 2010. Despite this enticing number, many small businesses are staying on the sidelines and missing their fair share. The federal government has a benchmark goal of awarding 23 percent of spending to small businesses and an additional 5 percent to women-owned small businesses. Read more…

Writing Important Points Wisely
Communication Skills, Guest Posts, Management
Writing Important Points Wisely
15 August 2011

Day-to-day emails. Powerpoint presentations. Annual reports and proposals. Read more…

The Right Way to Build Your Email List
Marketing and PR, Shonali Burke, Women In Business
The Right Way to Build Your Email List
11 August 2011

[Republished with minor edits and permission from Waxing UnLyrical. Almost two years ago I went on a bit of a rant about how much I hate being added to email lists without my permission, especially by people I’ve “met” on Twitter or while out and about at a conference. I ran a Twtpoll on this, as well as a follow-up post, and for the most part, those who participated in the admittedly unscientific poll said that, as a practice, this sucks. Read more…

August 2011 #wgbiz Twitterchat: Transcript
Marketing and PR, Shonali Burke, social media
August 2011 #wgbiz Twitterchat: Transcript
10 August 2011

This past Monday saw the return of the monthly #wgbiz Twitterchat. When Tinu and I were talking about what we should talk about, we thought (well, actually she thought) it would be interesting to talk about “coy and decoy” marketing. Social media has evolved so much in recent years, and these days we are flooded with not just a plethora of social networks that, seemingly, all want us on all of them all the time, but there are more and more tools for one to use. Read more…

“The Sound of Music” and 7 Sins of SEO [Redux]
Deborah Ager, SEO, Women In Business
9 August 2011

[Ed: With minor changes, we republish one of our earlier posts though it's more than two years old (gasp!). Still good, still relevant. In The Sound of Music, the governess sings: “Let’s start at the very beginning/a very good place to start. Read more…

Reminder: Twitterchat on Coy/Decoy Marketing Today
Events, Shonali Burke, Women In Business
Reminder: Twitterchat on Coy/Decoy Marketing Today
8 August 2011

Seems like everyone’s using social media to promote themselves these days. Join regular contributor Tinu Abayomi-Paul for our August Twitter chat next week, when she’ll talk about all this. Tinu Abayomi-Paul rescues web sites from obscurity and shows business people how to generate leads and traffic from the web. Read more…

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