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Images, Videos and Articles to Help You Celebrate International Women’s Day 2013 #iwd #womensday
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Images, Videos and Articles to Help You Celebrate International Women's Day 2013 #iwd #womensday
8 March 2013

Happy International Women’s Day! Hope you’re having a good one. If you’re stuck inside most of the work day like I am, you’ll be happy to find that you can still start celebrating International Women’s Day before you return from the day’s activities. And if you’d also like to find a last minute offline event, the round-up of online and offline celebration ideas and resources at the end of this post will help with that, too. Read more…

5 Things to Know About Women’s History Month
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5 Things to Know About Women's History Month
1 March 2013

Happy Women’s History Month! Do not be alarmed if you’re hearing both cheers and jeers from the rest of the web about this momentous month of… celebration. (I was looking for a word that matched my alliteration but alas… Read more…

Two Women’s History Month Events You Should Know About
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Two Women's History Month Events You Should Know About
21 March 2011

Here are two cool events around Women’s History Month you should know about. 1. Tomorrow, four female General Motors engineers, all of whom have been involved with the Chevy Volt, will be participating in a live web chat on what it means to be a female engineer in today’s fast-paced environment, what inspired them to get into the male-dominated career, the challenges that exist and the opportunities that are available for today’s workforce. Read more…

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