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6 Top B2B Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tips
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6 Top B2B Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tips
1 July 2013

Achieving strong word-of-mouth is the marketing holy grail that all companies, whether they’re B2B or not, should strive for. “But I’m B2B,” you think. So? You sell to people, just like a B2C company. Read more…

The Anonymity of Online Sales
internet marketing, Small Business Development, Small Business Resources
8 January 2013

One of the most fascinating things that I find about online shopping is the anonymity that is involved — on both sides.   Often, a customer buys from a small business online that they may not know a lot about . . Read more…

Your Business Needs to Be on Facebook—Now
Your Business Needs to Be on Facebook—Now
16 February 2010

It’s hard to believe, but Facebook started only six years ago (of course, from a dorm room at Harvard). Since then, the website has beat out tough competitors, like MySpace™, and now has more than 400 million users. It’s a case of spot-on timing, good design and listening to the community. Read more…

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