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How Do Your Healthiness Habits Measure Up?
Balancing Act, Entrepreneurship, Home Page Blog
How Do Your Healthiness Habits Measure Up?
18 August 2013

Finding time to eat right, stay fit and generally keep work and life in balance is a daily struggle for every small business owner. How do your healthiness habits stack up to those of other entrepreneurs? Bank of America’s spring 2013 Small Business Owner Report has some answers that can tell you if you’re ahead of the pack—or behind the curve—when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Small business owners in the study reported a fair amount of stress. Read more…

How to (Really) Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Home Page Blog, Just Getting Started, Leadership
How to (Really) Get a Good Night's Sleep
24 July 2013

Do you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep? If so, you’re not alone. For many small business owners, long hours and sleepless nights seem to be part of the job description. The problem can be especially intense in the startup years, when small businesses are often running with few employees, meaning the owner’s burning the midnight oil to complete projects, balance the books or prepare proposals. Read more…

How Not to Get Overwhelmed
Balancing Act, Entrepreneurship, Guest Posts
How Not to Get Overwhelmed
8 July 2011

There are times I just want to quit, drop everything off and run away from all my commitments. This happens whenever I’m trying to find the right balance to do the tasks at hand while holding on to my sanity. And yet, at the end of the day, I choose to fulfill my commitments. Read more…

Why I Don’t Work on Saturdays
Balancing Act, Joanna Pineda, Women In Business
Why I Don't Work on Saturdays
10 June 2011

I’m a CEO, wife and a mom of two. My life is pretty full and I work a lot. But I have a golden rule: I don’t work on Saturdays. Read more…

How to Have a Work/Life Balance
Balancing Act, Melanie Spring, Women In Business
How to Have a Work/Life Balance
4 March 2011

Work/life balance has become a huge topic of discussion in recent years with Gen X and Gen Y moving in with the hardworking Boomers. Instead of working hard, we talk about working smart… As an entrepreneur working with non-profits, I see how non-profit professionals work just as hard as small business folks do. Read more…

The Myth of the Home Office
Entrepreneurship, Thursday Bram, Women In Business
The Myth of the Home Office
8 September 2010

Officially, my business is such that I can take it along for the ride, wherever I go. In reality, I’ll happily work from coffee shops, hotel rooms and other random locations, but I’m much more comfortable in my home office. In part, my preference is due to the fact that I can get other things done while I’m working — or at least procrastinate a little more effectively. Read more…

Getting To Grips With 2010? Keep It Healthy
Balancing Act, Marissa Levin, Women In Business
Getting To Grips With 2010? Keep It Healthy
3 February 2010

No matter what we endure as women, we always feel as if we have something in our life that keeps knocking us down. And often, we truly can be our own worst enemies. We constantly compare ourselves to one another, and we berate ourselves for not having it all together like other women do. Read more…

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