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Teach Yourself Google Analytics in 10 Minutes
8 February 2013

If you want to learn more about Google Analytics to keep track of how much traffic your website is getting, and what that’s worth to you, we recommend Michael Miller’s Sam’s Teach Yourself Google Analytics in 10 Minutes.

We like the book because it starts out at the very most basic first steps — creating an account and installing the code on your website — through analyzing traffic sources and top content, to setting up goals and funnels, creating campaign codes, and even tracking ecommerce traffic.

We especially like this last chapter, because it explains how to find out where your ecommerce traffic is coming from, and what they bought. If you’ve got an ecommerce site, this is crucial, because you need to know which of your marketing channels you can ignore and which ones you should put more energy and time into.

The information is very easy to understand, and the language simple. The book is written for the beginning user who has never used Google Analytics before. It’s for the user who wants to start using Google Analytics, and grow in their knowledge and experience. The book keeps up with the user and grows with you, showing you new ideas and tricks along the way. The concepts become
more difficult, but they build on knowledge and information from previous chapters.

If there’s just one book that will help you understand Google Analytics — and there really only needs to be one; it’s not that hard — then Sam’s Teach Yourself Google Analytics in 10 Minutes by Michael Miller is it.


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