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The 6 Elements of a Successful Webinar

Whether you are putting together your first webinar or eager to improve your webinars, there are a few elements that all successful webinars have in common.

Let’s define what a successful webinar is first. It’s one that attracts a large, engaged audience of people who are preferably qualified leads. After all, your goal with any marketing tool is to get new clients, right?

Here are 6 elements of a successful webinar:

1. Pick an interactive format

There is absolutely nothing wrong with presenting a webinar by yourself. However, you’ll likely attract more people if you conduct an interview with an industry expert or moderate a panel discussion with a handful of participants.

2. Create highly visual presentations

A text-heavy PowerPoint presentation will fall flat simply because it’s deathly boring. Spend time on creating highly visual slides that use images, not text, to get your point across.

3. Spend time on your welcome slide

People will join your webinar ahead of the actual start time, so a strong welcome slide  is a must. Include a headline, a reminder of the great information they’re about to hear during the webinar, and photos and short bios of you and your guests.

4. Thoroughly prepare

Put together an agenda for the webinar and schedule a conference call to discuss topics, questions, and materials your guests will supply for the presentation. You’ll also want to schedule a run-through of the presentation to ensure everyone knows how to use the webinar platform and when they’ll be called upon to speak.

As moderator or main presenter of the webinar, make sure you know what you’re going to say. Don’t read from a script – it sounds awkward. Refer to notes and read questions, but focus on keeping the presentation conversational and natural.

5. Publicize the heck out of it

Go crazy publicizing your webinar. Add an announcement on your website, in your newsletter, and on social media. Promote it on LinkedIn and any forums you belong to. Send out a special invitation to your email list.

6. Follow up immediately

Immediately after the webinar, publish it on your website. Email all attendees to thank them for joining the webinar. Include the link to the webinar so they can view or share it, and add a call-to-action to encourage further engagement. You could offer a special post-webinar price on a product or service, a valuable download, or a free consultation.

What other elements do you consider must-haves for a successful webinar?

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