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The 7 Types of Social Media Fans and How to Make the Most of Them
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Not all social media fans of your business are created equal. How can you reach different types of fans on different social networks? According to data reported by MarketingProfs, there are seven different types of social media fans. Here’s a closer look at the fans your business may have and how best to reach them.

1. The quiet follower: This person occasionally reads your updates, may not be a customer of your business and most likely has liked or followed you because a friend did.

To reach him or her: Since they aren’t actively seeking out your content, if you want to get these fans to actively engage, you need to post content that catches their eye. Polls, images, videos or clear calls to action (like contests) will get them interested—and clicking.

2. The casual liker: This person follows your business because of past experience buying from you. He or she really likes some of the things you post. Casual likers care about their friends seeing them as a reliable source of recommendations, getting this fan to engage with and share your social media content can help attract more customers.

To reach him or her: Create engaging, creative posts focusing on new products or services. This will get the casual liker excited about sharing “what’s new”—but take it one step further by actively asking the person to share the info.

3. The deal seeker: This rather mercenary fan makes most of his or her purchases based on deals, not on loyalty. Deal seekers use social media to find out about the latest businesses and deals—and when they do, they will tell their friends, which can drive more traffic to your business.

To reach him or her: Deal seekers take a tit for tat approach to buying, so offer them discounts, specials and promotional offers—but don’t be shy about asking them to share or like your posts and promote your business in exchange for getting the deals.

4. The unhappy customer: Uh-oh—this is every small business owner’s worst nightmare. The unhappy customer can’t wait to tell the world what a bad experience he or she had at your business. And when they post about it, they expect you to reply—pronto.

To reach him or her: Keep the bad news from spreading by staying on top of your social media accounts and online mentions of your business. Four in 10 customers who contact a brand on social media expect to get a response within one hour! Set up alerts so you don’t miss out on a negative comment and can respond quickly. Don’t get defensive, and be professional. Remember, if you convert an unhappy customer to a happy one, he or she may become your biggest fan.

5. The ranter: The ranter is different than an unhappy customer in that he or she may never have patronized your business. Sometimes called “trolls,” ranters just like to cause trouble on social media, often by picking fights with other users.

To reach him or her: The ranter is one social media user you really don’t want to engage. Don’t get pulled into the ranter’s conversations–that’s what he or she wants. You may even need to remove his or her comments, because a ranter can offend your other customers.

6. The cheerleader: The cheerleader is highly engaged with your posts and often uses mobile devices to stay in touch via social media. He or she spreads the word about your business, your offers and your posts, growing your customer base.

To reach him or her: If you’re lucky enough to have cheerleaders, cultivate them by providing really great content that they’ll be proud to share.

7. The loyal fan: Loyal fans recommend you to their social circles, but aren’t afraid to offer both praise and constructive criticism. They may be the most useful type of social media fan of all.

To reach him or her: Recognize loyal fans by acknowledging their comments and their help. Customer appreciation gifts and other loyalty rewards are great, too. Finally, take your loyal fans’ positive comments by using them in all of your marketing materials, such as your website, brochures, print advertising and online advertising.

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Rieva Lesonsky

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