The Future of Business According to Brian Solis, Part 1 -
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The Future of Business According to Brian Solis, Part 1
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One of the brightest minds in the marketing world is Brian Solis, Principal of the Altimeter Group, author, speaker, futurist, and all-around very smart guy. He was interviewed by Eric Schwartzman for an On the Record podcast that Social Media Today published to coincide with the launch of his new book, What’s the Future of Business?

In short, the book is about “shareable moments” in social media marketing and how to identify when and how organizations can create intentional experiences. I have yet to read the book, but after listening to the hour-long podcast, I want to!

I took furious notes while I listened to the podcast – so many that this blog post is divided into two parts. Here’s what I learned:

The future of business is intentional experiences

Intentional experiences are about what you want people to feel, see, say, and share, what you want them to take away, and how that aligns with your business goals.

Right now, customers are sharing the experiences they have with your business, brand, or product within all of the networks available to them. With the rise of technology, you are reacting to those experiences instead of shaping the experiences you want your customers to have and to share.

Experiences have to be seamless

What experiences do you want people to have, and what experiences are people having? You need to close that gap and actively investigate what people are sharing – that will work for your branding and business overall.

Think about the entire customer life cycle and what a customer relationship really means. Social media marketing uses social media to push content and engagement, but that’s usually not aligned with your larger business goals.

You can optimize for what you want people to think, feel, and do

Think like a search marketing expert. The best search marketing and search engine optimization strategies begin by recognizing what people are asking. What questions do they keep asking, and what is at the root of those questions?

Ask questions on Google and YouTube, and see what results you get. It could be content you create that answers what people are really looking for.

Aim for the ultimate moment of truth

In the “ultimate moment of truth,” people will share their experience with your business – not once, but over and over again on different networks.

Use two tricks to find out what people really think of your brand

Go to a search engine and type in your brand or product name with “sucks” at the end. Or, type “WTF” before your brand or product name. That is keyword anthropology at its most basic. It will help you find what is being shared and get to the root of the problem and recognize, “Hey, this is not in alignment with our stated purpose.”

Solis provided a great example of this: He was consulting with a major consumer brand and did a little keyword research. He created two word clouds, one showing the words people used when talking about the company and one showing the words the company uses on their website. There was a big disconnect.

This is only Part 1, but what is your biggest takeaway from the above insights?’s ReputationAlert can keep you on top of what people are saying about your business online. Learn more about ReputationAlert.

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