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The Importance of Finding a Business Mentor
8 February 2013

One of the secrets of any successful businessperson is that they did not get to where they were on their own; they had mentors who helped guide them throughout their career path, whether they were climbing the corporate ladder or starting their own business.

As a business owner, you need to find mentors to help you reach your own potential, to guide you through the pitfalls and over the barriers, and to give you advice to avoid the problems they faced as they were in your position.

The best place to find mentors is at outside networking events, rather than looking online. We talk a lot on this blog about online networking as a way to find valuable connections, but it’s the offline events where you’ll make the best connections.

Look for someone who is older and more experienced, and either works in your industry, or used to. Meet with them at least once a month, if not every two weeks, to discuss the issues that arise in your business, and seek their advice in dealing with them.

Pay attention to the stories they tell, ask for introductions to the people they know, and read any of the books or blogs they suggest. These people were successful for a reason, and their reading habits is one of those reasons. You can benefit from the same knowledge by reading some of the same books and authors.


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