The Importance of Integrating Agile Marketing into Your 2014 Marketing Strategy -
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The Importance of Integrating Agile Marketing into Your 2014 Marketing Strategy
Agile marketing

As you look forward to 2014 and start putting together your marketing strategy for the new year, keep the concept of agile marketing in mind to ensure you can actually meet your goals.

What is agile marketing?

Agile marketing is a necessity in our real-time, constantly-in-flux world. It’s all about being flexible so you can easily respond and adapt to changes in the economy, market, customer preferences, new technology – whatever comes your way. You have to be willing to constantly learn, experiment, and never assume anything, no matter how long you’ve been in business.

How do I integrate an agile frame of mind into a long-term strategy?

Define your objectives

When you go into Google Maps and plug in your destination, you typically get 3 routes. Well, think about your marketing strategy in the same way. It is more important to achieve your goals than it is to adhere to one route No. Matter. What.

Embrace flexibility

Let’s say you decide 2014 is the year you really focus on Facebook marketing. Well, what happens if Facebook makes more changes to its algorithm to the detriment of your efforts, or engagement levels really pick up on Google+ or LinkedIn? The truth is you, you don’t know what will happen, so you have to be willing to adjust your strategy as you go.

Plan for change

You don’t need to put together elaborate Plan B’s, but, as you know, change happens when you least expect it, and many times it is out of your control. You may consider your employees family, but eventually they will move on to other companies. Cross-train your team so everyone knows how to use social media, put together a newsletter, and update your website.

Plan for disaster

A public relations crisis is the equivalent of disaster for a small business that relies on its reputation to attract and retain clients. Have a strategy in place should something go wrong – an employee’s comment on social media is misconstrued or a client decides to badmouth you. How will you respond? Who will be the media spokesperson? What channels of communication will you use?

Seize new opportunities

Be prepared to recognize and take advantage of new opportunities that come your way, whether it’s being asked to speak at a major industry conference, co-author a book, or be one of the first people to test-drive a new, game-changing technology/platform/product/service. Look at your budget and objectives, and make adjustments where necessary.

How do you integrate an agile frame of mind into your marketing activities?

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