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The Importance of Twitter in Your Business

You may be wondering what has everyone’s hearts aflutter about Twitter, but it’s one of the fastest growing social networks available. Twitter lets you do a few very important things in reaching potential customers.

For one thing, Twitter is rapid communication, which means you can answer questions that people have. Let’s say you sell a lawn care service, working with organic products, and avoiding harsh chemicals. You could set up a search column on your Twitter client that looks for specific terms like “weeds” and “lawn.” Then, when someone tweets that they’re having problems with weeds in their lawn, you can tell them how to fix it, either steering them toward a blog post or article on the subject, or even answering the question directly.

Twitter logoYou can also share some of your regular information about the different factors of lawn care and lawn maintenance throughout the season. By regularly blogging about it, you can educate potential customers about what they can be doing themselves and when they should involve a professional. It’s not enough to just write blog posts. You need a way to promote them. By building up a network of homeowners in your local area, you can share your information with them. They’ll learn from you, learn to trust you, and call you when they need that professional help.

Of course, there will be times when people aren’t happy with the results they’re getting, and they’ll complain about it on Twitter. The problem is, those complaints are public, and your customer’s entire Twitter network could see what they’ve posted. You can let it go and call the person privately to solve the problem, but that still leaves their original complaint out there. Or you can contact them directly via Twitter, solve the problem (even if it’s asking if you can call them), and other people can see the effort you’ve made. This goes a long way in helping spread your customer service skills via word of mouth.

You can also use these same techniques to see if people are complaining about your competition too, and then contacting those unhappy customers to see if you can solve their problems in the meantime.

Twitter can serve a number of functions for a business: sales, marketing, promotion, customer service, and even competitive intelligence.

About the author: is the president and founder of Firebelly Marketing. He is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and photographer, and he’s working on his first social media marketing book, which will be out in late 2012. Duncan has lived on 3 continents and in 5 countries, but is proud to call Indianapolis home.


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  1. I find Twitter invaluable for contacts, networking, and gaining business. Most importantly, people need to engage with their customers and potential customers. Thanks for sharing on

  2. Thanks Sian. If Facebook is the ocean, then Twitter is the wave. Twitter can be an invaluable tool for lead generation and customer engagement!

  3. Power seems to be coming in the hands which are good on dealing with customers via social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We must get ourselves prepared for a new future. Thanks for creating awareness among the people about it.

  4. You’re welcome, Naaem. Yes, this is indeed a revolution happening at the grassroots level. Power to the people!

  5. Want to do Twitter for my business.

  6. Excellent Chris! Go for it!

  7. Let’s communicate . . . passionately.

  8. What am I doing wrong? I could use help. I am moving nowhere fast on Twitter?

  9. @Graystone – Yes I agree, but within a framework of goals and metrics!!! Set your goal and then work from there WITH passion! GO!!!

    @Patricia – Can you share what you’re doing, so I can give you contextual feedback?

  10. Interesting subject. We planned to re-launch our website next month and are looking to use Twitter and LinkedIn as part of our marketing, promotion and customer services tools. Can you advise if using third party services to manage our social media will help since we are just launching our loyalty healthcare reward and gift card program?


  11. @G. Williams – Working with limited info here – so bear with me. Depending on the size and capabilities of your internal team, sure go ahead and outsource. Pick a firm based on their capabilities and experience. Provide the firm with your goals (and metrics if you have them) and let the firm come up with the strategies and work to accomplish them. Be sure to look for soft (leading to outcomes) and hard (outcomes) metrics. Also use an integrated approach – traditional, web, email, and social marketing for the best impact. B2B and B2C will have different approaches. Hope this helps.

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