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The Importance of “Why” in Marketing
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We all know that the world is noisy. Everyone has a message they want to share, whether it’s in a radio or TV commercial, on a billboard, in a print ad, on a direct mail postcard, or on social media.

By paying attention to marketing that caught my eye, I realized there is one thing you need to do to cut through the noise and get noticed.

Tell us why we should care.

It’s not enough to share a beautiful photo, funny video, inspirational story, insider tip or useful ebook. You have to tell us why we should take time out of our day to listen to what you have to say. You have to make us care.

Another way to put it is: You have to tell us why it will benefit us and make our lives better, happier, easier, more successful, less stressful, etc.

When you’re writing content

Whether you’re writing a blog post, white paper, or ebook, think about why your audience will care about it. What will they learn? How will it improve their life? Asking those two questions will ensure you are delivering relevant content that is customer-focused (rather than company-focused).

When you’re on social media

Before you tweet, post a Facebook update, or share an article on LinkedIn, ask yourself how clickable or shareable it is. If you saw that update in your news stream, would it catch your eye? Would you want to share it with your network? Would it inspire you, or make you smile?

When you’re snapping photos

Visual content is very powerful, but it has to be relevant and timely, or it’ll fall flat. Before you share a photo on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook, ask, Why will your audience connect with this image? How will it engage them? Why is the backstory relevant to them?

When you’re updating your website

Your entire website should be one big answer to “why.” Why is your company better? Why is your product better? Why is your service better? Why are your customers better off than if they didn’t work with or buy from you?

When you’re planning an event

Whether you’re a holding an in-house cocktail party/customer thank you event or speaking at a big tradeshow, you’re asking for more than a brief moment of someone’s time – you’re asking them for a bigger commitment. Why will attending benefit them? What will they be getting in person that they can’t get digitally?

What kind of marketing catches your eye? How do you replicate that in your own marketing efforts?

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