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The Secret to Success on Social Media? One Real Estate Agent Shares Her Tips
Jennifer Harlow

Just like many of us moms, Jennifer Harlow is super busy balancing work with her family. As a McLean, Virginia-based real estate agent with TTR Sotheby’s International Realty just outside of Washington, DC, her work never really ends. Real estate is a 24/7, 365 kind of job – just like being a mom (Jennifer has three kids).

Real estate is a very crowded, competitive field, so standing out takes a lot of time and effort. Jennifer has managed to do so through her use of social media. Here’s what you can learn from her success:

So, you are on Twitter and Facebook; let’s talk about Twitter first. How do you use it?

I retweet articles I find inspiring and to just broadcast that I am a realtor. Mainly I tweet about Washington real estate and the properties I have listed, but I have found that those tweets are the least interesting.

Why do you think that when you tweet about your properties you get the least interest?

It’s boring. I think some people are interested in viewing a nice property, but it goes in the back of their minds. I think where social media becomes beneficial, particularly in my world of real estate, is that my business is driven by me – what is my personality, who am I? Why would people want to work with me? At the end of the day, people want to know what kind of person you are.

Let’s talk about Facebook. How do you use it?

I have used Facebook to really showcase what I do within the community and what charity events am I involved with. Right now I am using Facebook to let people know about the next Becky’s Fund event. When I’m out with my friends at a restaurant, I’ll post a quick suggestion saying, “Hey, you should come here!” And I talk about my kids a lot, too. I use Facebook to tell a story of who I am.

What kind of email marketing do you do?

I use software that my company provides. I have several lists – people I have met through open houses, people from networking events, other realtors, clients. I highlight properties and talk about events. I send around 8 emails a month. It’s been a wonderful way to let my clients and friends know the diversity of what I do.

What generates the most engagement?

Twitter and Facebook. I’ve gotten many clients from both.

So what’s the deciding factor – why do people contact you?

The first client I got off Twitter was a man moving from Boston to DC. I am friends with the HR person at his company, so she connected us when he asked her for a referral. Erica, the HR person, and I met at an event. She became a follower on Twitter, knew I was a realtor, knew my story and how involved I was in the community.

In my job, you spend a lot of time with your clients and you learn a lot about them. I posted on Facebook about how wonderful it was meeting with a family, spending time with them as they bought a house, and that now they’re friends of mine. A friend who knew through my daughter loved that story and said, We’re selling our house and want to buy another; can you help us? I think it’s because of that personal story.

It’s very important to incorporate who you are as an individual, as a mother, a business owner, as a member of the community. It’s truly about who you are as a person, and that’s what people connect with on social media.

Image courtesy of Jennifer Harlow and TTR Sotheby’s

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