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The Surprising Days and Times Users Visit Your Website

Could knowing when users are more likely to visit your small business website on their mobile devices affect your mobile marketing strategy? Of course it could, and Opera Software has some answers. Opera’s latest State of the Mobile Web Report looked at consumers’ use of the mobile Internet to see what types of websites users view and engage with most on what days of the week. Here’s what you need to know:

Traffic doesn’t necessarily mean engagement. Lots of users may visit a site without viewing many pages or spending much time on pages they do view.

  • Family and parenting sites see highest traffic on Thursdays, with a dropoff on Fridays and Saturdays, but engagement peaks on Tuesdays.
  • Food and drink sites have the most traffic on Thursdays, with a dip on Friday and traffic rising once again on the weekend. However, these sites boast the highest engagement on Mondays and Tuesdays (as users review their weekend experiences, perhaps?)
  • Traffic to business sites peaks on Wednesday, but that is the day with the least engagement (measured in page views). Users are most engaged with business content on Fridays.
  • Sports sites see a peak in both traffic and engagement on Wednesdays while Sundays are high in terms of engagement. Monday is the worst day for engagement.

Some types of sites don’t have much variation day-to-day:

  • Shopping and real estate sites have an even distribution of users Tuesday through Thursday.
  • Fashion, games, religion/spirituality, hobbies, and arts/entertainment sites have the most traffic and engagement on the weekends.
  • Personal finance sites have steady visits and engagement during the entire workweek, but low usage over the weekend.

Time of day is also a factor in visits and engagement. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Career, personal finance, and home and garden sites see steady activity from early in the morning (2-6 a.m.), peaking around 10 a.m., but see declines in the early afternoon and evening.
  • Sports, automotive and gaming sites get viewers early in the day (6-10 a.m.), peaking at midday.
  • Shopping, social networking, research and travel-oriented sites get most of their traffic at midday; traffic drops off in the afternoon and evening.
  • Food and drink and arts/entertainment sites peak around 1 p.m. and fall off gradually until 5 p.m.
  • Arts/entertainment, business, education and news sites hit a peak at midday, but stay steady through the afternoon and build into the evening.
  • Career, personal finance and travel site use starts rising around 11 p.m. and continues to get steady traffic through the late night and early morning (2 a.m.).

What do these numbers mean to you? Obviously, each site is different, but it’s worth taking a look at popular days and times for your type of website and considering when you post new content, offers, sales or information. Also consider how popular days and times could affect the timing of your social media posts, email marketing messages, mobile marketing and other outreach. For instance, if you have a business site and know that users visit a lot on Tuesday but don’t engage until Friday, you could send an email early Friday morning driving them to your site, or post links on your social media sites reminding them to check out that cool sale/useful information/interesting article that’s been up since Tuesday, but they might not have had time to look at in depth.

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Rieva Lesonsky

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