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Three Important Blogging SEO Tips

Google is favoring websites that provide a lot of high-quality content that is constantly being updated and changed. That means blogging can make a big impact on your SEO efforts. Here are three blogging SEO tips to help improve your search engine rankings.

1. Define a Single Keyword or Key Phrase

Google may not be paying as much attention to keywords, but that doesn’t mean they’re ignoring them completely. They still need a way to know what a blog post is about. Include a single keyword or phrase in the title, body copy, alt text of the photos, and in the tags/keywords section.

2. Go for the Long-Tail

If you sell baseball caps, you’re never going to hit the top pages of the Google search results, no matter how much you try. Instead, try to win long-tail search terms like “vintage baseball caps.” While fewer people will search for these terms, you’ll be seen by the people who are specifically looking for it, and not wasting efforts to reach people who don’t want to.

3. Write About the Same Topic More Than Once

Blogs rarely have regular readers who visit the same blog every day or every week. They read a single post, and then leave again. So it’s okay to write about the same topic with variations on the theme. If you sell vintage baseball caps, you can write about the history of baseball caps, show photos of vintage baseball cap collections, and even talk about the resurgence of vintage ball caps as a fashion trend.


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