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Three Social Media Tools for Restaurants

Restaurants using social media to promote their business can take it to the next level by adding a few
new tools to their promotional toolbox, namely Pinterest, Instagram, and Foursquare.


Pinterest lets people share photos of things they find online and want people to know about,
whether on mobile phones or laptops. People find pictures on websites, pin them to their boards,
and share them on Facebook or the Pinterest app. You can put photos of your food and restaurants
online, and encourage visitors to pin the food to their boards. When users click the photos of your
food, they’ll be taken to your site.


While Pinterest lets people pin photos of things they find, Instagram lets people take photos of
things with their mobile phones and share them, whether it’s food, collectibles, or even stuff their
kids are doing. Encourage customers to take Instagram photos of their meals and share them with
friends, which promotes your restaurant.


Foursquare started out as an app that would let people check in to a place and connect with friends,
but it’s turning into a review site where users can leave comments about what they like and don’t
like about a restaurant. Encourage your customers to leave photos of the food and decor on your
Foursquare page. As more people turn to Foursquare for recommendations, they actually get to see
what they’ll be eating.

These social media tools can help people share what they like best about your restaurant with their
Facebook and Twitter friends, which will help your word-of-mouth-marketing efforts to promote
your restaurant to new customers.


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