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Three Tools for Art Galleries

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how gift shops and boutiques can use social media — specifically Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest — to promote their stores. This week, we want to talk about art galleries and how they can use their own social media tools.

While nearly every gallery sells art, they also want to be a place for people to visit on a regular basis, such as if your city has a First Friday or Second Saturday gallery walk, or is in your city’s art district. Here are three tools to promote your gallery and bring in traffic.


Twitter is a communication tool that lets you talk with people in real time. Have conversations with people, ask and answer questions, give advice, and share interesting articles and information.

Gallery owners should use Twitter to have a continual conversation with their network in order to be at the top of their minds. Once they’re used to talking with you, they will be more likely to respond positively to your gallery announcements and Tumblr posts.

Wait, did you say . . .?


Tumblr is a short form blog, ideally suited to a few photos and short blocks of text. Unlike a regular blog, which many people think needs 500 or more words (it doesn’t; 100 word posts are fine), a Tumblr blog is perfect for putting up a few photos of new artwork, some text describing the work, and providing additional information. You can even use the Tumblr mobile app to submit new posts.

Google+/Google Places

Since gallery owners depend on foot traffic, and because many people will do a search for galleries on their mobile phones or their laptop, it helps to register your gallery with Google Places and Google+. Visit both places and register your gallery. This is one of the most effective SEO secrets out there.


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