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Tips for Web Content: Focus on Content, Not Keywords

Your web content is the thing that’s going to make or break your search engine optimization efforts.

In yesterday’s post, we started talking about how important content is, but we didn’t want to include it in the list of three blogging SEO tips. Not because it’s not important, but because it’s very important.

One thing Google wants now is high-quality content, and they ignore content that was poorly written.

In the past, content writers did everything they could to cram as many keywords into their copy, often at the expense of the writing quality. Now, bloggers need to focus on making their content the best it can be. The keywords should almost be an afterthought — not something you ignore completely, but don’t spend any more than five minutes on them.

Since Google looks at things like time on site (they assume people spend more time on a page reading well-written content), it makes more sense for you to focus on making each blog post or web page the very best it can be.

If that means hiring a professional, consider it money well-spent. If it means writing and rewriting until it’s just right, then take the time. And if it means having a couple of friends tell you what they really think of the writing, then steel yourself and ask them to look it over.

As long as the end result is well-written and interesting, people will read it. If it’s not, your web traffic and search rankings will suffer.


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