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Blogging to Promote Your Online Store

The secret to promoting your online store is not to continually add new items. It’s blogging and
social media promotion.

Blogging helps you with search engine optimization, so people can find it more easily on the search
engines. But more importantly, if you have an unusual or uncommon product, blogging lets you
demonstrate what the product can do to make people’s lives easier or help them solve a problem.

Let’s imagine you make a sandwich cutter that cuts a child’s sandwich into creative, fun designs.
With a blog, you can explain how the sandwich cutter works, show how to clean it, offer sandwich
recipes that work best with your sandwich cutter, and even create videos of the cutter in use.

There’s usually no place for things like this on an ecommerce site, but a blog lets you publish as
much as you’d like.

A quick check of Google’s keyword analytics tool shows that the phrase “sandwiches for kids” is
getting 6,600 hits per month. So you can blog about “five fun sandwiches for kids” and “five easy
sandwiches for kids, as well as any other topics you can think of that contain the key phrase.

By doing this on a regular basis — twice a week is ideal — you’ll start winning a lot of search results
and getting visitors who are interested in the different articles you’ve written. As people read the
articles, they’ll see the links to your ecommerce site, and purchase the cutter to make some of the
fun recipes, which boost your sales all without any expensive advertising.

Blogging about important topics and keywords can help you boost your ecommerce site’s search
rankings and overall sales.


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