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Use Facebook Advertising to Grow Your Business

One of the least expensive and most effective advertising tools you can use is Facebook. Unlike your other advertising options, Facebook advertising lets you reach exactly the people you want to reach for pennies per ad.
The great thing about Facebook advertising is you can specify exactly who sees your ad on their Facebook page. Unlike radio and TV advertising, Facebook lets you target a specific group of people, and is only seen by that group.
Facebook advertising lets you specify how much you want to pay per ad, and even lets you put a daily cap limit so you can stretch your budget further.
You get to choose who sees your ad, based on their demographics and their likes. For example, if most of your customers tend to be 20-somethings who live inside the city limits, you can target the ads specifically to them.
When you buy your ads, choose their age, gender, city, how much you’ll pay per click, and the daily cap limit — say, women between the ages of 25 – 35 who live in Miami, FL, with a click rate of $.50, and a cap rate of $30. Write the web copy, drop in an image, and launch it. Make changes every few days, and see which versions got more traffic.
Send ad viewers to your home page, or to a specal offer page of your choice.
Facebook advertising lets you reach potential visitors in a way no other medium can. Use it wisely and it can be one of the biggest traffic builders you’ve ever used.


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