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Tip of the Week: Use LinkedIn to Connect With Other Doctors

Even for doctors and dentists who don’t want to publicly join social media, we recommend that you at least give LinkedIn a try. LinkedIn is a professional network that lets people connect on a professional level, as compared to Facebook, which is all about personal connections.

Facebook lets you talk to family and friends, but LinkedIn lets you connect with colleagues, former med school classmates, and anyone else you interact with on a professional basis.

By connecting with colleagues, you also have access to their network as well. For example, if Dr. A is connected to Dr. B who is connected to Dr. C, Dr. A can ask for an introduction to, and make a connection with, Dr. C. This lets each person increase their network, which can lead to several interesting opportunities for the future.

There are even specific groups you can join, converse with other members, and exchange ideas and information with each other.

The Medical Doctor Network has over 12,000 members and is a very active discussion list, while the Doctor Jobs Portal is a place for doctors to find new positions. And the Doctor-Engineer Portal is for doctors and engineers who want to work together on new medical device projects. There’s even a Junior Doctor Forum – Australia & New Zealand, which is only for junior doctors in those two countries, or international doctors licensed to work in those two countries, and Doctor Jobs Down Under is for Aussie doctors looking for their own new jobs.

Even if you eschew all other forms of social media, try LinkedIn as a way to improve your professional development and growth, adding to your network of colleagues, and possibly taking your career in new directions you never even considered.


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