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Tool of the Week: Google Keyword Tool

If you’re trying to determine which keywords are the most important to get traffic to your website, try Google’s Keyword Tool. It looks at different keywords you enter, and then shows how competitive or uncompetitive they are.

In the screenshot below, we did a search for “baseball caps.”

The first column shows different keyword alternatives we can use. The second rates competition between high, medium, and low. The third is about Global monthly searches, or searches made around the world, while Local searches count searches made in the US.

Since we’re promoting vintage baseball caps, we can see that it has a search volume of 2,400 both globally and locally, and while competition is “high,” the fact that it has 2,400 searches tells us that it’s probably not going to be that hard to break into and win. A little more research can confirm that.

Compare that to “baseball cap,” with 246,000 monthly local searches. Because that’s a fairly high number, we can assume that it will be a competitive one as well, and we should avoid it.

Knowing this kind of information can even help us decide what kind of products we want to sell, because we can see how easy or difficult it will be to rank at the top of the search engines.

While the tool is designed primarily for AdWords users, you can at least get an understanding of the keywords in your niche, and how popular they are.


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