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PR and marketing folks love to find out what’s being said about their particular brand. Whether it’s complaints or compliments, they want to know what’s being said, and what people think. But how do you cut through all the noise and clutter and find out who is driving all of that?

(That’s a real online guerilla marketing tactics: to be able to use information that most people ignore, to your own advantage.)

We recommend, a tool that lets you find people who are sharing their opinions online about any topic, and leading the conversation — and the sentiment — wherever they choose.

According to their website, Traackr finds your “people who matter” through algorithms that identify the most influential people through the size of their audience, how well they engage their community, and their contribution to your topic. In other words, they look for the Elvises in a sea of garage bands.

And they do it on more than just Twitter. They look at every social property those influencers belong to — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, a blog, Google+, Flickr, YouTube — you name it. If they’re on it, Traackr can find them, and tell you who’s being the most influential about your brand or your industry.

Build a relationship with those people, engage in conversation, and help them understand and like your company. If they like your brand, they’ll be more likely to help you promote it, or at least defend it if you ever find yourself in hot water. You’ll need a lot of reputable, popular advocates who can help you spread your word-of-mouth and social media marketing efforts in this new age of online communication.


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