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Tool of the Week: Using Klout for Restaurants

If you use social media at all, you may have heard of Klout.

Klout is the tool that measures a person’s social media influence — their “clout” — online. It’s a number, on a 100 point scale, that shows how successful they are at getting other people to click a link in a Tweet, respond to a Facebook status update, comment on an Instagram photo, or even retweet another tweet. It’s primarily a Twitter measurement tool, but covers a lot of social media.

If you want to see whether someone making a complaint or compliment has a lot of influence, check Klout to see how much sway they hold in the online world. If they have a score over 50, that’s pretty good — it’s in the upper 80th percentile of scores. An average score is around 10 – 20.

While you don’t want to ignore people with low Klout scores, you do want to reach out to people with high scores. Those are the people who most likely have a few thousand followers, they interact with them on a regular basis, and they can at least do some effective word of mouth marketing.

These are the people who will tweet, “Just had a great lunch at @StevesNYPizza,” which can then be seen by all their followers. And while that may not be enough to get rampaging hordes of people breaking down your door, it’s at least enough to make an impact and bring in a couple new people. Get enough people in your community to tweet about your restaurant, as well as talking to you on Twitter about things going on in your community, and you’ll start catching the eyes of people who are looking for somewhere for lunch.


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