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Tool of the Week: WPTouch

We’ve been talking all week about the importance of using mobile websites for mobile search purposes, and reaching customers who are out and about, and looking for you on their phones. We also understand that many of you don’t have the time or resources to create a mobile-friendly site, or you have a WordPress blog, and the thought of creating another site gives you the screaming fits.

So we want to talk about a tool that can work as a suitable replacement, WPTouch.

WPTouch is a WordPress plugin that essentially redraws your site as a mobile site, only showing the information that people will want to see on their mobile phone or tablet computer.

It’s a simple installation to make. Either visit your WordPress dashboard, go to the Install New Plugins page, and search for it. Or go directly to the WPTouch page on, download it, and upload it to your blog’s server.

Once it’s installed, use the admin panel to customize your site’s mobile appearance, and best of all, do it without knowing a single bit of code. You choose the theme’s colors and styles, and it won’t affect your regular desktop theme.

And for those site visitors who want to see the actual website, they have the option of switching between mobile and regular view as well.

Finally, there’s even a WPTouch pro product that also lets you change the theme specifically for iPad users — a real boon to sites that get a lot of traffic from iPad users.

To get an idea of how much mobile traffic you’re getting (and should be trying to reach), check your site’s Google Analytics.


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