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Top 7 Takeaways From the 2013 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmarks Study

Silverpop 2013 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark StudySilverpop, an email marketing service provider, recently released their 2013 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmarks Study that looked at emails sent by 2,787 brands worldwide during 2012.

As they say in the introduction, “Benchmark data can give you a baseline scorecard to help understand how far you need to travel in your performance-improvement journey.” It’s always good to know where you stand compared with others!

Here are the 7 top takeaways I gleaned from the study:

1. Optimize for mobile

This is only hinted at in the study, but it’s important to include: Emails must be easy to interact with on a mobile device. Add clickable links and contact information. If you include an offer, make sure the landing page is user-friendly for a mobile device’s keyboard and navigation method (clicking or tapping).

2. Give emails a shelf-life

Emails that are long, include offer deadlines or are otherwise time-sensitive might be more likely to be opened a second time (or more).

3. Share news and information

Click-through rates were highest for content that often includes timely news and information. Highly personalized content that is relevant to the reader also seems to do best, which underscores the importance of segmenting your email lists.

4. Add numerous links

The emails that had the most clicks per reader indicates that the content is not only useful and relevant, but full of links. The more links, therefore, the more potential for a higher click-through-rate.

5. Size matters

Because an email that is overly large (in terms of kilobits) will take a long time to load, it is best to keep your email to 40KB or less (median email size was 15.9KB).

6. Visually appealing emails are important

Text-only messages, which are not only smaller but also devoid of visuals, appear to underperform compared with their HTML-designed sibling. That makes sense, since a beautifully designed email is much more engaging.

7. Clean up your email lists

ISPs (individual service providers that route emails to your inbox) constantly analyze emails for spam and decide whether to deliver it to your inbox, junk email folder, or not at all. Keep your email list up-to-date to prevent too many bounces, and only add recipients who have opted in to avoid being flagged as spam.

How do you grow your email list and keep unsubscribes and bounces down?

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Monika Jansen

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